Why Do Inspectors Need Training?


Changes to the Law

In October 2009, a new law was quietly introduced deregulating residential building and pest inspectors. This has now opened a new door for those persons who wish to tout themselves as competent inspectors with no training, no experience or skill. Unfortunately consumers are unaware of this law change and obtain inspectors on price, not competency.

Due to this law change Housesafe has introduced Housesafe Courses to help those inspectors wanting to improve their skill and development to protect not only themselves but Australian home buyers.

If you want to run a business that lasts the distance you must strive to hold a professional and respectable name that people can trust.

Understanding the Australian Standards

Understanding the Australian Standards is integral to writing solution-based inspection reports. Australian Standards (AS) 4349 Series should be every inspectors referenced bible, as failure to comply with the guidelines set out in these standards can result in sever legal penalties.

Although the Australian Standard is not a legal document it can often form part of legal proceedings when situations go wrong.

Report Writing

Report writing is a unique skill that must be implemented into every inspectors training program. Housesafe will teach you how to set out your reports, insert content as per the Australian Standards, import photographic evidence and diagrams and assist you with any specific needs your require to conduct a more prudent pre-purchase inspection.

If you have staff that type up your reports it is imperative that you the inspector proof read all reports before sending to your clients.

Fee Agreements and Contracts

Learning how to deal with your customer can be challenging especially when it comes to getting clients to sign on the dotted line. Housesafe can assist you on how to make your marketing easier when it comes to legal contracts and agreements. You will learn how to manage each inspection from start to finish.

Dealing with your Client

Dealing with clients doesn’t have to be difficult. Housesafe will advise and train you on how to communicate with each client on a professional and diligent level.


It is important for inspectors or those wanting to become a qualified inspector to understand defects within a home and how to implement this into their written reports. Obviously being a qualified builder will have it’s advantages although, due to the change by previous Government decisions, inspectors are no longer required to hold a Builders Licence to carry out pre-purchase inspections.

Housesafe will teach inspectors the difference between defects, incomplete works, how to report an observation, maintenance problems and general faults.

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