Template letter for Building Inspectors to lobby Government for Regulation of the Industry

EmailingFor Housesafe Inspectors who wish to lobby the Government or Industry Bodies please copy and paste the draft letter below or download the Word Document and fill in your details.



Your Name


(To Government or Industry Body)

Dear XXX

I wish to bring to your attention the unmitigated risk to property purchasers in Australia who rely on a pre-purchase building and or pest inspector to discover the effects of defects, termites and safety issues in a potential purchase of property.

The risk I refer to is due to this inspection industry not being regulated in all States (except QLD) and allowing building and or pest inspectors to set themselves up in business without the proper training, education, certification and even not having professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I am aware that Howard Ryan, Managing Director of Housesafe Training and Education (www.housesafetraining.com.au) has been lobbying sectors within Government departments for many years about regulating the industry, which still seems to be falling on deaf ears.

As a professional, insured and trained building inspector myself, I therefore request you urgently look into this matter to help ensure that property buyers are not risking financial ruin.

Yours Sincerely,





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