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It’s a Risky Business!

The risk of litigation is inherent in property inspection, as the industry centres around the greatest investment that a person can make – the home.

The stakes are high, and when things go wrong, it is the inspectors – those who give the green or red light for a property – who are often in the firing line.

Housesafe Can Help

At Housesafe we understand these complexities, and have developed a system of inspection, report writing and customer care that greatly reduces your risk of litigation.

We teach inspectors to understand the Australian Standards(AS) 4349 Series, as failure to comply with the guidelines set out in these standards can result in severe legal penalties.

We also teach inspectors how to prepare properly documented report writing after conducting their pre-purchase inspections.

Our training covers all aspects of dealing with your customers, and preparing legal contracts and agreements.

Mitigate your risk by learning how to manage each inspection properly, from start to finish.

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