Mould: It’s a serious problem

MouldMould SporesMould is dangerous and in extreme cases it can call serious illness and death. Notably it is reported that Brittany Murphy and her husband both died of respiratory problems, which could have been related to mould in their home.

Three causes of mould are:

  • Rising damp in the home
  • poor drainage around the house
  • lack of ventilation due to no fresh air, even in winter it’s best to some windows open, especially in bathrooms

Any home with rising damp should be repaired as soon as possible.

Causes of dampness can be:

  • gardens with ponding waters
  • lack of drainage
  • lack of ventilation in the subfloor
  • damaged gutters and pipes

One very serious issue with mould is it can cause mycotoxins or ‘toxic mould’. Only a qualified expert should remove these types of moulds. When cleaning mould from the home, be cautious that you could be breathing in the spores and the bottom line is you need to get to the cause of the problem. This is why only a qualified inspector specialising in mould should assess the situation and recommend a solution.

Mould can cause breathing problems therefore any household members suffering from such ailments, mould should be investigated as the cause.  Temporary accommodation for the patient is recommended until the problem is resolved.


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