Get the edge you need, with Housesafe Mentoring…

Housesafe Training offers a mentoring service to course graduates that will help you to progress your pest & building inspection business and career.

With mentoring you will benefit from support and guidance, and gain the edge over your competition.

For New Inspectors…

Mentoring can help new inspectors with many aspects of establishing themselves in the business, such as:
• Developing a name, branding and marketing strategies
• Structuring your business
• Setting goals and accountability for working towards them
• Identifying skill gaps
• Clear planning of your education and career

For Experienced Inspectors…

Mentoring can also help those who are establishing in their pest & building inspection career, with support such as:

• Solving problems
• Working smarter, not harder
• Access to a support system during critical periods
• Exposure to diverse perspectives
• Advice based on property inspection experiences
• A sounding board for your own ideas and solutions

Contact us to get started with your own Mentoring arrangement!

OR – if you’re looking for more intensive support, read about our face to face service, Yours For A Day.