Marketing Your Building Inspection Business on Instagram

By HouseSafe’s Marketing Consultant: Deb Carr

Instagram is a great tool for any business owner to help market their business. The trick is not to make your account all about your business, it’s about showcasing amazing photos, using clever hashtags and building a following. Personally, my instagram is also linked to both my websites so as soon as I’ve posted something on Instagram it’s automatically populated to my website. In fact, I have ensured that all my social media platforms are also posted straight to my websites.

Building inspectors may think that instagram would not help their business, however I’d like to challenge that thought becuase there are many ways you can build a following.

Before you create your Instagram account it’s important that you have a really good profile set up with your website. If you would like to see how I’ve done it go please have a look at my Instagram.

HouseSafe InstagramYou will note that I have used a separate line for each of the points I want to get across. I have also included an emoticon on each line for more interest and finally my blog url. NOTE: You can’t actually do the separate lines in each Instagram itself so with my iPhone (and I’m sure Android would have something similar) I wrote my BIO with the emoticon’s in NOTES which does allow me to create separate lines and then I copied and pasted it into my Instagram BIO. This only shows up on the phone though, not when you actually use a computer to check out the profile.

Another important first step is thinking carefully about what the name of your Instagram account will be. It’s getting harder to actually find good names on social media these days, as many are taken however do try and keep it close to your business name as you can. For instance I could not get “sydneychic” so I had to go for “sydneychicblog”.

Once you have established your account think of the #Hashtags you will regularly use. There is a good APP you can download called “TagsForLikes” which you can copy and paste popular tags. I try not to put too many tags in because it can look spammy. Think of tags as ‘keywords’ or words that other Instagram users will look for that may help them to follow you.

Next is to think of a way to make a really unique Instagram account. One example of a Tradie friend of mine is – Andrew is a carpenter who has built a good following by taking photos of himself as a tradie in his fitness. I’ve seen his Instagram account skyrocket in a short time because he takes great photos and sticks to his theme.

Some ideas you could go with as a building inspector are:

  • Great Gardens
  • Amazing Houses in Your Area
  • Your Hobby
  • Foodie
  • Best Sunsets
  • Cars

These are just a few examples, what I am saying is you don’t have to post “building inspection” create a great theme and build from there.

To gain a great following post really good photos. I post one or two a day and I try and do it in peak hour commuter times. I also use a number of APPS to enhance the photos one of those is called “Studio” available in the app store. Your photos can also be enhanced using the many filters that come with Instagram.

One word of warning, never buy followers, it’s so easy to see who buys followers and likes and it instantly screams ‘not authentic’.

Once you start posting on Instagram, the best way to organically grow your following other accounts that you like and start liking and commenting on their posts.

It may not bring you a flood of customers, however it’s another way of getting your brand out there.

If you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask me on the Forum.

Deb is the Marketing Consultant for Housesafe and Editor of Sydney Lifestyle Blog; Sydney Chic.

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