Leaky Building Class Action in NZ: Cladding or installation the problem?

A recent article is in www.stuff.co.nz on a proposed class action civil lawsuit against cladding manufacturers regarding leaky-building caught my attention so I investigated further. Lawyers are urging property owners to register on www.goodcladding.co.nz in order to put together a class action with a ’no win no pay’. I researched this further and discovered that it’s not actually the cladding that is the problem but the installation. Again, I raise the question that trades people need the proper training.

With the NZ Government dropping the apprentice training system for builders and trades meant that some builders were careless in their work by making short cuts. Also with changes to the Building Act 1991 it meant that there were less regulations. To make matters even worse many construction companies failed to carry out inspection work and issue completion certificates. With less regulations and builders taking shortcuts in installing cladding and without building inspections many homes became damp. 

Bottom line: The breakdown of the apprenticeship system, unqualified builders and council staff carrying out building inspections without the training or any building knowledge to ensure that the cladding was weathertight.

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