Latest Article in Sourceable: Creating Swimming Pool Barrier Safety

Creating Swimming Pool Barrier Safety

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  1. Edward | Fantastic Handyman
    Edward | Fantastic Handyman says:

    As long as the pool is shallow enough I suggest that the fencing is not a must. I read the whole article in and I’m a bit confused. Do you have any idea why the NSW Government has been delaying the implementation of more stricter pool safety rules? Since 30 kids approximately are being impacted by swimming pool accidents each year, it should be a sign that certain steps should be taken in order to avoid accidents and protect our kids!
    Great post, you are definitely giving us food for thought!

    • Howard Ryan
      Howard Ryan says:

      Thank you for your post. My reply is simply this, The NSW State and Local Governments make rules that at times make NO sense. This is not enforced enough as it has been proven some E1 Certifiers are getting the ACT and Standards wrong and are overlooking crucial sections of the Regulations and the Swimming Pool Act requirements like, gaps under the barriers, warning signage, climbing hazards and alike. The training that is being applied through some sectors is inadequate to say the least and actually breaches the original intention of training!


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