The Property Inspector career has extended to Meth testing in both homes and hotels. As frightening as this sounds, it is unfortunately, a fact that tens of thousands of homes have gone undetected as meth labs or had occupants using heavy amounts of the drug ice where chemical residue can seep into soft furnishing, carpets, even walls and ceilings, leaving unwitting new tenants or owners exposed to serious health risks. Meth labs leave contamination and It settles on the hard surfaces and then gets into the porous, carpets, furnishings, timber frames.

The meth lab problem is especially worrisome for people with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and skin and eye issues and in particular children. Another frightening and extremely worrisome problem is children living in a meth-contaminated home can have the drug Ice in their system. Just by moving into a contaminated home, you or your child may become an unwitting ice addict even though you have never touched the drug. Children can absorb enough third-hand meth equivalent to a moderate meth user.

There can be some telltale signs of heavy meth use or manufacturing in homes including strong odours and discolouration, however, proper testing needs to be done to verify. Unfortunately, some houses look completely clean and you could not even tell by walking in that they have been used as meth labs.

Homes contaminated with Meth manufacturing or heavy drug use need specialist cleaning and decontamination. It’s not cheap to clean up a meth lab or house that has had heavy ice use; meth sanitation can cost between $25K to $150K.

The meth contamination of housing problem is one that Governments and Landlords don’t want to talk about even though it is destroying lives because there are no rules or guidelines that Real Estate Agents have to disclose.

It’s incredible that Real Estate Agents must disclose a death or murder in a house but not meth labs or heavy use of the drug. In a nutshell, it is currently not compulsory to report of test for meth labs or use in homes leaving unsuspecting tenants and purchasers at risk. Just over 60% of meth labs in properties found by the police are rental properties. And that’s not the only problem; It’s not just meth labs, it’s users smoking ice that also leaves contamination.

Stats indicate that about 1.4 million Australians have tried Meth!

It is time that landlords provide leases stating that the house will be tested for meth usage or cooking at the end of the tenancy as a deterrent to rental premises being used as labs or for heavy Ice use. The Real Estate industry would rather turn a blind eye even though they are potentially putting tenants at significant risks.

Hotels and motels are also being used as makeshift meth labs. Hotels are becoming an increasingly popular location for criminals to set up meth labs; because of the space, they can use to cook the meth and then leave without being caught.

Obviously, this is not good PR for hotels and motels so our inspectors are trained to be discreet.

Housesafe Meth Testing and Narcotics Associates are highly trained to discover contamination in housing and hotels which can result in preventing a purchaser buy a contaminated property or unsuspecting tenant being subjected to health risks.

We will train you the required expertise to carry out such inspections and access to Labs for you, your Agents and your Hotel users. Hire Car companies are currently being advised of this issue as well.