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To show Australian Property Buyers and Residential Builders that a “Housesafe Certified Property Inspector” (HCPI) is an Inspector of proven ability who has gained an acceptable percentage within the Housesafe Examination Process (HEP).

Each HCPI is to matriculate into this course by entering after a set criterion has been achieved.

The criterion is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that each application has been proven. Such need has come about due to the lack of Industry Regulation around Australia. Housesafe’s purpose is to be the creator of accountability for the protection of the Australian homeowner and the HCPI’s is proof of such protection.

Aim & Reason

On Certified completion of this course and the associated Housesafe Examination Process (HEP), Housesafe will provide each achiever a Photographic ID card and a Housesafe Certified Inspector “Certificate of Completion” Housesafe Inspector’s go through a separation process which allows them to market themselves and their entities in a more superficial and creative manner due to the certification each Inspector will obtain.


This Certified Inspector’s course is based on matriculating current Housesafe Accredited Pre-Purchase Property Inspectors, New Residential Construction Inspectors and Expert Witnesses and their Housesafe reporting methodologies.

Purpose of Such Matriculation and Examination

To matriculate is to enter into a registration phase and be admitted into a particular group and successfully complete the Housesafe Examination Process (HEP). To pay the required fee prior to the allocated course dates in each Australian state.

An attribute, is when each Housesafe Certified Property Inspector (HCPI) has successfully proven their ability and creating a characteristic feature of themselves through the HEP processes. The end result is when you will separate yourself from competition and others within the property inspection industry.

A proven event is after the HEP indicates you have provided Housesafe written evidence beyond reasonable doubt that you are certifiable and you are being endorsed by your peers. Such demonstration of written ability will be witnessed not only by Housesafe but by others you associate with not only in each training session but out in the field.

Your certification will be qualified by passing the HEP. Such completion of this course and examination constitutes your accomplishment and an informal condition of being qualified. Your will become a person suitable for particular task.

Housesafe Training Academy has become “An Internationally Recognised Education System” that stems from attending and delivering international training, mentoring and education. Existing Housesafe Accredited Inspectors (HAI) now have equal opportunity to become internationally and nationally recognised at the property inspectors that deliver, what is “Intended” and are “Certified.”

Thomas Edison developed power, Steve Jobs developed computer programs like no other, Richard Branson built Virgin Airlines against the wishes of other major airlines and Housesafe Training Academy built a purpose of certified delivery and programming methodology of report writing. Thinking different brings and finds your real talent and entraps it into your report writing. The average homebuyer does not expect this as the current unregulated property inspection industry has no real evidence available of one’s true competency, just unrealistic expectations.

Housesafe is changing the property inspection industry in Australia and has Testimonial Intel to justify this statement. You, the Housesafe Property Inspector, are such Intel.

Housesafe’s Code of Practice and Code of Ethics is an example of the inception of The Housesafe Certified Property Inspector (HCPI.) The missing link this society requires. Building long term relationships with a never give up policy has instilled a creative element into the minds of many Housesafe Property Inspectors.

Many businesses learn from failure and take risks. Being a futurist develops creative thinking and places you in front of others unbeknown to yourself. I take enormous risks in developing course methodology but I always ensure I have proven Intel prior to its release. Some 1500 Housesafe Inspection entities follow The Housesafe Way to date.

Download the Enrolment Form and The Course Modules – 1 Day Outline



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