Hidden water damage

Hidden water damage can be extremely harmful to your home and can arise from a number of sources including: burst pipes, leaking roofs, floods and seepage. Unfortunately you may not be able to immediately see the damage and the cause could be from a slow flow of water, which can result in problems such as damage to foundations, corrosion of pipes, mould and unpleasant smells.

If you suspect hidden water damage or mould then leave it to the experts and call a qualified building inspector to access the situation and recommend solutions. Repairing hidden damage will depend on the source and it may not be covered by insurance so check your insurance policies.

Mould can cause severe health problems and is a situation needing a qualified inspector to remove it who will be equipped with the relevant protective clothing and knowledge. Attempting to remove mould yourself is not recommended due to the risk of health problems.

To find a Housesafe trained certified inspector click here.

The photos below consist of:

  • Mould damage to a lounge suite
  • Wet and damp sub floors
  • Leaking roof in new construction damaging plasterboards under
  • Wall damaged paintwork caused by roof leaks
  • Roof flashings installed incorrectly and in reverse
  • Roof tiles poorly installed causing roof leaking under
  • Leaking under sliding doors
  • Waterproofing installed in a bathroom and sometimes the shower screen trades cut this flashing to install their shower screens on top of the tiles without the intended water stop angle = a shower leak

Water Damage in Homes

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