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Roofing work is one job you shouldn’t attempt yourself
Started by Peasant AliyahHughes 2 years ago
The HGTV channel makes us all feel that we can go out and tackle that home improvement project on our own. The DIY craze shows no signs of stopping. But there are a few projects about the home that you shouldn’t attempt yourself, and roofing is one of them. For those projects, always call a professional.

Why leave it to a roofer

There are a number of reasons that you shouldn’t attempt to do roofing work yourself. First and most importantly, it’s dangerous. Every year approximately 6,000 Americans will die from a fall, most of them will fall from a roof or ladder while cleaning rain gutters or doing roof work. Professional roofers not only have training to help keep them safe, they also have the right gear to minimize the chances of injury.

Another good reason to leave roofing to the pros is because installing a new roof is a huge project beyond the scope of what the average homeowner can handle. Even if the roofing work is a minor repair, it still should be done by a professional. Attempting to make your own repairs could void the warranty on the roofing materials and could lead to worse roofing troubles. Roofing work, like electrical or plumbing work, requires special expertise and the right tools. A reputable roofer will be certified to install materials from a given manufacturer.

If it requires a license…

A good rule of thumb for the do-it-yourselfer, if a project would typically require a license or permit, don’t attempt it yourself. For the same reasons you shouldn’t attempt plumbing or electrical work, you shouldn’t attempt a roofing project. All of these jobs require that you obtain a license. A professional roofer will have the proper license and insurance and will pull the necessary permits if they’re required for your project.
So if you’ve been itching to get involved in a home improvement project and your roof needs some attention, pick a different project for yourself and call a roofing company to come out and give you an estimate.

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Source: realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/diy-projects-to-avoid/

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