Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get from a Housesafe course?

Training in all aspects of the industry, drawn from decades of experience, and based on the latest Australian standards. You’ll also get valuable templates – 45 years of intellectual property! – to help standardise and organise your business.

Graduates will receive a certificate of accreditation stamped with a Housesafe Accredited  logo, and will be listed in Housesafe’s Accredited Inspectors Registry, which can be searched by anyone looking for a qualified inspector.

Is your course trainer qualified?

Our trainer, Howard Ryan, is a fully qualified building inspector with 45 years’ industry experience. He is also trained by the RTO (registered training organization) AIIT (the Australian Institute of Industry & Training), with a Certificate in Training & Assessment, TAE 40110.  Howard is still a practicing building inspector and owner of H&K Ryan & Associates, specialising in new residential construction inspections, ADR matters and CTTT Tribunal dispute matters.

Are Housesafe courses nationally recognised by a government body?

No – they don’t need to be! The courses are based entirely on Australian Standards for the construction industry and will prepare you to comply with all industry requirements.

What previous knowledge or qualifications do I need to attend a course?

There are no strict rules but it is best to have a general knowledge and understanding of residential construction.

Where are courses held - and how often?

Our training is held in Australia’s capital cities, in other major centre such as Newcastle, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga and Ballina, and also in New Zealand.

Courses are usually every 6 to 8 weeks.

Drop us a line and keep in touch to find out when there’s a course running near you.

How long are the courses?

One to two days, depending on the location.

Can I get a discount for attending multiple courses?

Sorry, no – all courses are charged at full price even if you attend several of them.

Can I get one-on-one consulting?

Our mentoring and one-on-one consulting services are available after you have completed some of our courses.

Do you train large organisations?

Yes! Housesafe has trained large organisations such as Metricon, Zac Homes, and McDonald Jones Homes.  Our New Construction Intelligence sessions for construction companies are now a big part of our business. All our courses carry CPD points.

Do your courses carry CPD points?

Yes, all our courses do. See our Course Descriptions for full details of how many CPD points each course carries.

Can my wife / office assistant / business partner / son come along?

Yes! We offer free course entry to a business partner or family member. They will not be accredited as an inspector with their attendance however will gain all the valuable knowledge as a result of attending the course.

I’m not an inspector. Can I still attend a course?

Yes! Of course! Our training is valuable to anyone working in the construction industry, as the content covers the Australian building codes. Builders have also found the content on dispute resolution to be very valuable.

I‘m a tradie in my 20’s. Can I attend?

Yes! The courses are great if you’re just starting out. They’ll help you start off on the right foot.

I’ve been a tradie / inspector for decades. Can an old dog learn new tricks?

Yes! Housesafe trainer Howard Ryan is passionate about helping older, more experienced tradies to gain new motivation, learn new skills and pursue a new chapter of work in the inspection industry.

Do you have a trainer in New Zealand?

Housesafe head trainer Howard Ryan travels to New Zealand to teach courses. Drop us a line and keep in touch to find out when we’re having our next course in NZ.

Can you train me to issue Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates?

At the time of writing, we can’t train you to be a compliance officer, but we can train you to provide a Pool Barrier Safety Certificate in compliance with the relevant Australian Standards AS:1926.1-2012.

Currently, only local councils and the PCA (Property Council of Australila) have compliance officers who can issue pool compliance certificates. 

Can I pay the courses off over a period of time?

We avoid payment arrangements and allow them only under extenuating circumstances. Please consider carefully before asking as we may not approve it.

After I’m accredited by Housesafe, is there any ongoing cost?


Do you give followup support after I’ve completed a course?

Yes, all the support you need.

Can I send you my practise reports for peer review?

Yes, we will review practise reporting and email you our reply.

Can I repeat a course if I didn’t understand fully the first time?

Yes, at no extra cost.

Can women train to be building & pest inspectors?


In fact, we have found that women are often the most responsive and ask the best questions in our classes. They’ve even proven to be the highest overall scorers in the Housesafe Q&A and assignments.

Women can definitely become building & pest inspectors and are very welcome at our courses.

Is there an insurance company you recommend for inspectors?

Housesafe does not recommend any particular insurance company. Professional Indemnity Insurance is available from a number of insurers, subject to the inspector meeting the insurer’s criteria.