Contract Law

Five Elements of Contract Law


  • Please provide me with….
  • I want a quote for….
  • How long have you been in business….
  • What if you did it this way….
  • What is your license number….
  • In sport, it is your training….
  • In a restaurant, it is your order….
  • In an argument it is what the other side is on about!


  • My price is….
  • The tender cost….
  • The contract price….
  • The service you have instructed us for will be at a cost of ….
  • The menu costs are….
  • Your variation costs are….
  • Tell em’ the price Son!


  • The time taken to make a decision….
  • Give examples: choose a piece of cake, clothing, a menu selection, a wife/husband, tiles, pc, paint colours, a tradie or a builder etc. ..
  • Precious time in this process….
  • A reflection to thick about and consequences….
  • The What if Factor!
  • This can take 5 seconds or five years….


  • Go Ahead….
  • To actually buy & part with your dollars….
  • Sign the contract….
  • There is NO SUCH THING as a verbal contract….
  • To approve….
  • Recognition….
  • Phone conversation followed later with written conditions awaiting signature/s!


  • Great, I am happy with that….
  • You have eaten the entire meal….
  • Yes, I have read & understand this document…. (this claim must be in written form & not expressed or implied)
  • Should they ask a question, then this is NOT acknowledgment….
  • That’s not what I thought it was! Is NOT acknowledgement….

Every time an agreement is made, it MUST be in writing

This must be followed in the above order to mitigate pending disputes and losses!

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