Training Inspectors For Excellence

Housesafe Inspection Training & Education was founded by Howard Ryan, a Sydney-based housing inspector with decades of experience. He and his team have a passion to help other inspectors – both men and women – to work to a high standard of excellence.

We have trained over 1,800 people so far nationally and internationally, from individual inspectors to large project builders like Metricon Homes, Zac Homes, Wisdom Homes, Mojo Homes, Masterton Homes and McDonald Jones Homes. In fact, New Construction Intelligence sessions for construction companies are now a large part of our business and intellectual property.

Whether you are a seasoned inspector, a tradie thinking of switching to this industry, a young person just starting out, a wife or partner of a property inspector, or the head of a big construction firm wanting some CPD friendly training for your workforce, we can help you.

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Housesafe educates inspectors around the world including Toronto Canada, St Johns Newfoundland, Australia, New Zealand and New York.

Meet the Team

Howard Ryan

Howard Ryan

Director & Head Trainer

Howard Ryan was an inspector for over 40 years before launching Housesafe. He’s passionate about helping other inspectors to excel. Howard holds a Certificate in Training & Assessment (AITT) and is endorsed by industry organisations such as the IBC and ASBC. He is still a practising inspector, specialising in new residential construction inspections, ADR matters and CTTT & NCAT dispute matters. Click the icons on Howard’s photo above to read his full CV or follow him on Twitter.

Angela Pavlou

Angela Pavlou

National Administrator

Angela is our skilled administrator who works hard behind the scenes to keep Housesafe running smoothly. She’s the one who maintains our database of accredited inspectors, handles training paperwork, looks after course enrolments and arrangements, and keeps everything ship-shape. We couldn’t do it without her!

Deb Carr

Deb Carr

PR & Marketing Consultant

Deb is a marketing whizz who helps us with our online networking, blogging, videos, branding, and social media. Her work is a crucial part of Housesafe, as it helps us to find & connect with people who are seeking advice about the building and inspection industry...people like you!

The Housesafe Mission:
“To be the Creator of Accountability for the Protection of the Australian Home Owner”