Using Social Media to Market Your Building Inspection Business

By Deb Carr

Many inspectors are busy trying to get new clients and forget about one very useful way to get their name out in the marketplace; I’m talking about utilizing Social Media

I’ve heard it so many times; “I don’t have time and I’m not sure how to do it”. So I thought I’d start a series on the Housesafe Blog on what you can do to get an online presence. I will post a range of social media topics in future and today we will look at Twitter.

What I love about Twitter is it is a great way to meet potential clients online. Basically you have only 140 characters to get a message out.

Here is an example of a Tweet that is under 140 characters.

Buying a new property is exciting; finding defects after the purchase is heartbreaking. Building inspections help prevent this. #property 

You notice that I have hashtagged the word property. This is because anyone who is interested in property and searches Twitter on the topic can quickly find tweets about it. You will see in the sidebar of your Twitter account a range of “Trending Topics”. By joining in conversations on Twitter on trending topics you are more likely to make connections and get noticed because millions of Tweets are made daily from all around the world and getting noticed isn’t easy.

Personally I have been on Twitter for a number of years and have 4700 followers, however it is impossible for me to see 4700 people’s Tweets that follow me so I build lists. Twitter enables you to build list of people that you want to particularly keep an eye to see what they have recently Tweeted. I have created lists of journalists and companies in the construction industry for Housesafe to quickly search and engage with potential clients or media.

Now you don’t have to be on Twitter all day to Tweet. You can schedule your Tweets to go out during the day or even weeks or months ahead, and we will talk about tools for this in another post.

So what do you Tweet about? Rule number one is to recognize that Twitter is about sharing valuable information that your followers are interested in, and that doesn’t mean all about your business. My rule is for every 5 Tweets, make one about your business and the rest something else. There are so many places to find content online to share that you will never run out. It could be a news item that you can comment about; a great photo you have found on the net; a funny cartoon; a video; a quote.

Personally I use a range of tools that helps me to find content quickly to share and I do this for my own social media and for other social media accounts too.

One of the best ways is to subscribe to industry newsletters like  or set up Google Alerts. Type in “Google Alerts” and create an account, then type in the topic you want to receive information about which will be delivered to your inbox for easy sharing. Not only is it a great way to share information, it can keep you up to date on the latest industry news too.

Most news sites and blogs these days have easy sharing buttons to share on social media which shortens the link for you, just by pressing  the Tweet icon it will take you straight to your Twitter account to post it. If you are sharing long URL’s just hop on to to shorten them to share. For example this url is:
to this:

Not only does it give you more room in your small 140 characters, it looks better than the long URL above.

Retweeting (RT) someone else’s Tweet is also a great way to build rapport with people, and these days Twitter allows you to add a comment about why you are Retweeting. On the subject of Retweeting if someone does a RT for you then it’s good manners to thank them over Twitter.

Sometimes you may not want to RT something somebody has posted but you still want to acknowledge you have noticed their tweet. Simply use the ‘favourite’ icon to do this.

There will be times when someone might say something negative about you online, my rule is to not engage with them at all because it can escalate out of control. Before I Tweet or RT anything I think about it carefully, because once it’s out in Twitterverse there is no getting it off, even if you delete it someone could have seen it and screen-grabbed it.


RT = Retweet (you repost something someone else has Tweeted)

OH = Overheard (something you overheard and are repeating but not naming)

FF =Follow Friday (a shoutout to your mates on Friday’s)

HT = Hat Tip or Heard Through (i.e. via)

@ = sends a message to a user’s handle i.e. @DebCarrNetwork

# = Hashtag – used to ‘tag’ tweets on certain topics think of Keywords

DM = Direct Message (personally I never look at them…very’s mostly spam)

Tweetup = A real life meetup announced on Twitter – usually a group of friends

SM= Social Media

LTM = Let Me Know

ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

MRT = Modified ReTweet, when you modifly a RT to fit into 140 charactors

MT= Modified Tweet (as above)

NTS = Note To Self

NP= Now Playing


Deb Carr is responsible for the Social Media Marketing for Housesafe. If you have a question please hop on the forum and she will answer it.


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